WorkSafe Learning launched its first online course for H&S Representatives

WorkSafe Learning, the Training & Development arm of WorkSafe Africa has opened enrolments to its first online Self-Development Learning Module for Health & Safety Representatives. The purpose of this OSDL module is to educate health and safety representatives appointed in companies with more than 20 employees in how to perform their functions within the scope…

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WorkSafe Namibia to focus on Vision 2030

WorkSafe Africa have just launched its website for Namibia and will be focusing on the requirements of the Labour Act 2007 as it relates to workplace safety. With the introduction of the National Occupational Safety and Health Policy in November 2021, we can expect a few major additions to the OHS legislative regime over the […]

Clarification of Notice of Intent.

Some people are quick to show their ignorance. Using the same phrase in two different pieces of legislation, and you will be successful in attracting the best advisors you can get. WorkSafe recently sent out a notice of its intention to register a Public Benefit Organisation in South Africa.. So if you received the notice […]

Why directors and managers need to “get involved” in Safety

It is common practice for directors and managers to send their safety officers on courses and seminars relating to Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace. But where these seminars are aimed at Board and Exco level, there’s a very good reason why the safety officer should be excluded. “If you are calling from Vodacom,...

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The Great Safety Manager!

Meet Joe! He’s a great safety manager; in fact, he’s one of the best! In his career had employees do excellent work to protect themselves against harm! He got them to do inspections of all the machinery and equipment. He got them to investigate the accidents of fellow workers. He got them to check ladders,...

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