WorkSafe continues to aggressively cut down on unsafe workers

WorkSafe has red flagged 27 Safety professionals during the first week in July for possible lip-service to the South African workers.

The privately owned business has set its vision to become South Africa’s first privately owned labour inspection and enforcement agency and perform these functions based on a fee per intervention. The Amendments to the OHS Act, which allows for Administrative fines to be issued by the Department of Employment and Labour inspectors, could pave the way for the formation of similar agencies such as the HSE Executive in the UK and WorkSafe in Australia and New Zealand.

South African workers are exposed to hazardous working conditions on a daily basis, and despite all its promises over the past decade, the Department of Employment and Labour does not have the resources to visit every workplace at least once a year.

And while the OSH commentators will disagree that such a plan will succeed, WorkSafe will continue to grow its list of workers that will eventually topple the status quo.

WorkSafe is currently recruiting volunteers from its own subscribers to become Local Co-ordinators of this campaign, and hope to have at least one co-ordinator in each of the 52 metros and districts in South Africa.