WorkSafe aborts its STEPSS program

It’s been three months since the launch of the STEPSS program in South Africa, and after 4 595 assessments of the competency required to run the program, we have decided to terminate the program.

We have been unable to find competent people in South Africa with sufficient training to run the full STEPSS program. As the program does not focus on Workplace safety alone, around 99,6% of applicants had to be turned down.

The program requires broad knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety, including subjects like industrial psychology, physiology, chemistry, microbiology and industrial hygiene. There seems to be only one qualification that covers these subjects, and the holders of the National Higher Diploma in Public Health or the B.Tech in Environmental Health, were found to be few and far between.

STEPSS will be replaced by SHEQDesktop, which offers online support to employers in Africa.

SHEQDesktop will be available exclusively from WorkSafe Channel Owners and the date of the launch will be announced at a later stage.