The WorkSafe Philosophy

WorkSafe believes in and advocate the provision and maintenance of workplaces that it free of hazards to employees, contractors, visitors and the public.

We fully support the management of workplace hazards using the global principals of control through:

Elimination, Substitution, and Engineering.

These levels of control are the three most important.

Realising that not everything can be controlled this way, WorkSafe also supports as a last resort, the implementation of administrative controls and personal protective equipment.

WorkSafe shall never support or promote Administrative Controls if it is not required by law.

We do however realise that International Standards exist as a method to assist business in reaching these goals.

We support the development and enforcement of Professional Standards of Practice in Industrial Safety, Occupational Health and Socio-Environmental management.

In all our EHS programs, we follow the PDCA cycle of excellence as described in USG65 Revision 3, 2013.

We achieve this following a logic set of steps referred to as ISMeC.

Following these STEPS, is the basis of WorkSafe’s STEPSS program.