How we work with facilitators

To protect our intellectual property and proprietary knowledge, we have developed a specific operational process. This briefly explains how we do it:

  1. Facilitator registers with us and enters into a written agreement.
  2. Workshops are organised three months in advance, in consultation with our registered facilitator.
  3. The facilitator secures the venue and date.
  4. The workshop content is developed and facilitator is notified to download the required materials.
  5. The facilitator prints the Delegate handouts and supporting documents and prepares the delegate information packs.
  6. Online Instruction Notes are published in the Member area to allow for preparation.
  7. Clients are invited to book a workshop (between 8 and 12 persons per workshop).
  8. Clients pay us directly.
  9. One day before the workshop, the facilitator is paid 50% of the agreed rate.
  10. The facilitator presents the workshop and return the required documents to us upon completion.
  11. The facilitator is paid the balance of the agreed rate.

Additional procedures:

  1. All communication is done via a mobile app to be installed by the facilitator on his / her mobile phone. This app contains a Digital ID Card which can be presented to potential clients as verification of registration.
  2. The digital ID card also includes a user name and password to download the Workshop Materials.
  3. A cancellation policy applies and planned workshops will be cancelled if insufficient bookings are received 15 days prior to commencement.

More detailed information is made available in the Facilitators Manual.