EHS Programs

WorkSafe’s STEPSS program has been delayed due to the South African government’s inability to pass the amendments to the OHSAct of 1993 into law. In anticipation of this, we see no reason to introduce a new EHS management program to a market that is already saturated with outdated programs.

The Amendment Bill which was announced with great fan fare by the Department of Employment and Labour on 24 May 2021, has not yet been tabled and still needs to go to the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces for concurrence before it can be signed into law by the State President at that time.

It is therefore unlikely that the OHS Amendments will be promulgated before Q3 2023.


WorkSafe SA is currently developing a Child Safety & Health management program for Early Childhood Development Centres in South Africa focusing on the pre-school phase.

This brand new program is based on the requirements of the Child Care Act of 1983 and the Children’s Act of 2005 while incorporating the applicable requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the National Health Act as applicable.

Compliance with this program will lead to Certification of ECD Centres in preparation for registration with the Department of Social Development and local authority requirements.

Program Accreditation

Do you have a bespoke EHS Program to offer?

Our Accreditation will give it the recognition it deserves and allows you to promote your EHS Program as an Endorsed Product.

Accreditation Criteria

  1. The content must be 100% original work.
  2. The program elements must be focused on a legislative framework.
  3. The program requirements must cover all legal requirements of the framework.
  4. The program must provide auditor guidance for each requirement.
  5. The program may not contain more than 10% “best practice” elements.
  6. An optional grading or rating system is allowed.

If you believe your EHS Program or management system meets these requirements, you are invited to submit it to us for evaluation against the legislative framework. All submissions must be in PDF format only.

An Endorsed Product may be included in the WorkSafe Compliance Certification Scheme and used as a recognised Compliance Audit System.

(Kindly note that electronic systems are only accredited if supported by a documented process.)

You can request a quote for Accreditation by sending a summary outline containing the following information:

  1. Country of Application (local or international)
  2. Legislative Framework (including any incorporated ISO Standards)
  3. EHS Program Elements (disciplines and headlines only)
  4. The total number of Program requirements.
  5. The Full CV’s of the Program developer(s)
  6. Any additional information which may support your application.

Send your application to