STEPSS Master Classes

WorkSafe offers a selection of Master Classes accredited for continual professional development of WorkSafe registered members.

Master Classes are presented and facilitated by leading subject matter experts in the field of Mining, Industrial, Maritime and Railway Safety.

Free Pre-Registration

If you are a Safety Practitioner employed by a company in a full-time capacity and have registered as a member you can attend Master Classes throughout the year simply by presenting your Delegate Registration Card at the door.

What you need to know about pre-registration.

When you pre-register, you will be issued with a digital delegate card. When you install the Registration Card on your mobile phone, you will be asked to provide the email address of your HR Manager.

WorkSafe will then send an email to your HR Manager to authorise your registration. Once authorised, your registration card will be updated.

You will then receive notifications on your mobile phone when a Master Class will be presented.

Attending a Master Class

To attend a Master Class, you will have to confirm your attendance two weeks before the class date.

You can attend up to 4 Master Classes per year.

These are:

  • Operational Safety Master Class
  • Transportation Safety Master Class
  • Environmental Protection Master Class
  • Social Sustainability Master Class

Click here to pre-register for the 2022 Master Classes