EHS Inspectorate

WorkSafe inspects workplaces with a view to compliance and upon completion of an inspection, the inspector may issue a Non-compliance report to the employer.

Employers can request an inspection which is completely voluntary.

What you need to know about a WorkSafe Inspector and his / her powers:

  1. A Workplace Inspector holds a minimum qualification of a National Diploma (3 years) in Safety Management or Environmental Health issued by a recognised Higher Education Institution.
  2. A Workplace inspector is in possession of a Digital Inspector Card, which must be presented to the employer upon entry to the premises.
  3. The Inspector will need to have access to the following:
    1. The company’s EHS documentation in accordance with the Inspection Of Workplaces form.
    2. A visit of the premises to inspect plant, machinery and equipment with a view to the safety thereof.
  4. A WorkSafe inspector is NOT a government appointed law enforcement officer and has no authority to demand any form of payment of a fine or to institute legal proceedings against the employer.
  5.  The main purpose of the inspector is to apply his / her skills and knowledge to advise the employer of aspects which may result in criminal prosecution by governmental agencies.

WorkSafe charges a fee of R750 for an inspection, and upon request of an inspection, the employer agrees and acknowledge that he /she has understood the information provided above.

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Do you want to be registered as a WorkSafe Inspector? Send your CV together with the supporting documents below to

Supporting documents to be included in ALL applications:

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