Become a WorkSafe Inspector

WorkSafe offers an in-house training course over 3 days which will enable you to be registered as a WorkSafe Inspector in South Africa.

The WorkSafe Private Inspection Authority is a voluntary EHS inspection service offered to subscribing companies in South Africa. These companies enrol our services to visit their branches at least once per year and provide them with an independent compliance report of the inspection findings.

The Inspector’s training course is designed to equip inspectors with the following knowledge:

  1. Introduction to the WorkSafe Private Inspection Authority
  2. The duties and powers of a WorkSafe inspector
  3. How to perform a WorkSafe inspection using the prescribed inspection forms.
  4. The protection of confidentiality and privacy during inspections and thereafter.
  5. The inspector’s duties not to disclose non-compliances to authorities.
  6. The WorkSafe inspector and Section 36 of the OHS Act.
  7. Technical Report Writing Skills

The training course is presented at venues in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg every quarter.

The price per candidate for 2022 is R 7 995.

Candidates will be required to write a 1 hour examination and pass with a minimum of 75% in order to be registered as a WorkSafe Inspector.

Registration does not guarantee full-time employment as a WorkSafe Inspector.

If you wish to be trained as a WorkSafe Inspector, please apply in writing to