Hazardous Chemical Substances – What’s inside the MSDS?

When it comes to the control of exposure to hazardous chemical substances, the Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS provides more value than just being an item on a checklist. It is a vital document that gives us a few key pieces of information regarding the “personality” of the chemical or mixture which we can […]

The Role and functions of the GMR2(1) appointee

The role of the appointed “Competent Person” in operational safety is often ignored in Safety Management Systems such as ISO 45000. The only aspect of this role that is considered, is the letter of appointment. Besides that, the Plant Engineer or maintenance manager / supervisor, does not seem to be regarded as a Safety Professional. […]

“Bogus Safety Bodies” and why you rather should join them

The phrase “bogus safety bodies” was coined by SAIOSH two years ago in an attempt to justify their sole right to exist in an article titled “Beware of Bogus Safety Bodies”. According to SAIOSH, Professional bodies and their professional designations are recognised and registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) in terms of the […]

Red Tape Bill and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

The “Red Tape Bill” formally known as the Ease of Doing Business Bill, is currently making its way through the legislature. The Bill, which aims inter alia to provide for for the assessment of regulatory measures developed by the Executive, members and committees of Parliament and self-regulatory bodies, so as to consider the socio-economic impact […]

Why directors and managers need to “get involved” in Safety

It is common practice for directors and managers to send their safety officers on courses and seminars relating to Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace. But where these seminars are aimed at Board and Exco level, there’s a very good reason why the safety officer should be excluded. “If you are calling from Vodacom,...

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The Great Safety Manager!

Meet Joe! He’s a great safety manager; in fact, he’s one of the best! In his career had employees do excellent work to protect themselves against harm! He got them to do inspections of all the machinery and equipment. He got them to investigate the accidents of fellow workers. He got them to check ladders,...

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